eM6 640 3000

The eM6-640-3000 is a six degrees of freedom electric motion system with an actuator stroke of 640 mm, designed for use in simulation systems. The static weight of the gross moving load of up to 3000 Kg is supported by 3 external pneumatic cylinders to compensate for the static weight.

Typical applications are flight simulators and vehicle simulators for military vehicles, (racing) cars, trucks, buses, railway vehicles, etc. Other applications are entertainment, research and development platforms and test beds.

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Product Specs and Highlights

Single DOF
Surge -0.48 0.6 m 0.8 m/s 6.3 m/s2
Sway -0.5 0.5 m 0.8 m/s 6.3 m/s2
Heave -0.41 0.41 m 0.6 m/s 9 m/s2
Roll -23.8 23.8 deg 35 deg/s 200 deg/s2
Pitch -23.7 26 deg 35 deg/s 200 deg/s2
Yaw -25.4 25.4 deg 40 deg/s 400 deg/s2
Gross Moving Load 3000 kg (payload including upper frame of 350kg)
CoG Height above MPC(*) 1000 mm
Moments of Inertia lxx
kg m2
kg m2
kg m2
CoG: Center of Gravity
MPC: Moving Platform Centroid
Total Width 2.867 m
Total Length 2.825 m
Settled Height (floor to top of platform) 1.267 m
System Weight 2000 kg