eM3 ROT 800/1000

The eMove eM3 ROT 800/1000 is a compact, three degrees of freedom (pitch, roll, heave) electric motion system with rotary actuators, designed for use in simulation systems with low/medium gross moving load up to 800 Kg or 1000 Kg, and that do not necessarily require six degrees of freedom.

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Product Specs and Highlights

Single DOF
Heave -0.10 0.10 m 0.3 m/s 4 m/s2
Roll -12.3 12.3 deg 15 deg/s 100 deg/s2
Pitch -14.1 14.7 deg 15 deg/s 100 deg/s2
Gross Moving Load 1000 kg (payload including upper frame)
CoG Height above MPC(*) 500 mm
Moments of Inertia lxx
kg m2
kg m2
CoG: Center of Gravity
MPC: Moving Platform Centroid
Ground Circle Diameter 1.2 m (excluding cabinet control)
Settled Height (floor to top of platform) 0.5 m (excluding cabinet control)
System Weight 400 kg