eMove eM3 300 3000

The eMove eM3 300 3000 is a three degrees of freedom electric motion system specifically designed for use in railway simulation systems in facilities with a low ceiling. The static weight of the moving frame and the payload is supported by pneumatic cylinders.

Typical applications are railway simulators such as train, metro and tram training systems.

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Product Specs and Highlights

min max
Heave -0.15 0.15 m 0.5 m/s 5 m/s2
Roll -2.8 2.8 deg 11 deg/s ** deg/s2
Pitch -7.1 7.1 deg 28 deg/s ** deg/s2
** Depends on Customer Cabin
Gross Moving Load 3000 kg (payload including moving frame)
Net Payload 2500 kg
Total Width 5.200 m
Total Length 2.300 m
Total Height 1.353 m
Settled Height (floor to top of moving platform) 0.636 m
System Weight 2000 kg