eF CS 140 (Drop-In Center Stick)

High velocity control loaders provide the highest torque outputs, up to 220Nm of continuous force, with unprecedented smoothness and Level D quality force feedback. High velocity control loaders are ideal for primary system controls and other heavily loaded system controls.

Typical applications are Fighter Simulators and R&D environments.

  • Proven eForce technology
  • Smooth force feedback
  • Most compact in width and height
  • Cost-efficient
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Product Specs and Highlights

Rotational @ pivot point Translation @ GRP
(650 mm above pivot point)
Torque(continuous) 140 Nm 215 N
Torque(peak) 200 Nm 308 N
Stroke +/-19 deg +/-0.18 m
Maximum Velocity 180
2.0 m/s
Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 529x250x166 mm