Designs That Meet Our Customers’ Needs

At E2M, we understand that no two customers have the same needs, so we pride ourselves in designing solutions to meet each and every customer’s requirement.  Over the years, E2M has worked with partners across many industries such as automotive, railroad, test engineering, defense, and entertainment to create the most unique motion platform and control loading systems in the industry.  Be it a slight modification to a current system or a completely new system design, E2M’s team of engineers are ready to work with you to create a solution to fit your requirements.

Common Usage Examples

  • High Frequency Vibration Systems
  • Overdetermined Systems
  • 2-DOF Systems
  • 4-DOF Systems
  • 5-DOF Systems

Custom Motion Product Grid

eM3 ROT 1500 HF

Designed for high performance helicopter cockpit shaker systems and for testing. Professional.

eM4 640 3000

Tailor-made motion system for the entertainment market. TUV certified. Efficient in use.

eM6 1000 14000TT

The eM6-1000-14000-TT is 6 DOF high performance electric-hydropneumatic motion system aimed at testing payloads up to 10000 Kg (14000 Kg GML).

eM5 300 3000

The eMove eM3 300 3000 is a three degree of freedom electric motion system specifically designed for use in railway simulation systems in facilities with a low ceiling.