3-DOF: Cost-Saving, Realistic

Three degrees-of-freedom (3-DOF) motion systems provide a cost-saving platform for applications that will never utilize a full six degree of freedom platform. E2M’s 3-DOF platforms include the motion cues of pitch, roll, and heave as standard products, but also enable these same systems to be outfitted with a fourth or fifth degree of freedom, such as surge and/or yaw.  Standard payloads and stroke vary from 800kg to 3400kg Gross Moving Load (GML) with stroke sizes ranging from 150mm to 640mm.

Common applications for E2M’s 3-DOF simulators are construction and mining equipment, driving simulators, commercial entertainment, and railway simulators, but the possibilities are endless.

E2M understands that each customer has unique requirements and we pride ourselves in building solutions to suit each customer’s needs. Contact an E2M team member for further details on how we can deliver solutions for you.

Common Applications

  • Construction Equipment Simulators
  • Commercial Entertainment
  • Product Demonstration and Testing
  • Railway Simulators
  • Customize Your Solution

3-DOF Products

eM3 300 3000

eMove eM3 300 3000 The eMove eM3 300 3000 is a three degrees of freedom electric motion system specifically designed for use in railway simulation systems in facilities with a low ceiling. The static weight [...]

eM3 640 3400

The eMove eM3 640 3400 A4 is a three degrees of freedom electric motion system with an actuator stroke of 640mm, designed for entertainment purposes.

eM3 ROT 800/1000

The eMove eM3 ROT 800/1000 is a compact, three degrees of freedom (pitch, roll, heave) electric motion system with rotary actuators, designed for use in simulation systems...